Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Secret Origins

Some PR lady approached me the other day with an offer to join her database of blogs*, so that both content providers and product peddlers could join up for corporate interests.

Hmmm. Not really our thing. But my response to her sort of encapsulated my thoughts on O.O.:

"We cover pretty much anything our writers find interesting, from food and pop culture to literature, small business, art, photography, politics, and even sports from time to time. We function on a policy-based approach, not a content-based one . . . the policy being: if you give a sh*t, write about it. Our goal is to create content with personal resonance from the writer that will add weight to the story for the reader. . . . [and thus her service wasn't really in our bailiwick]"

Osmosis Online is mostly an effort to see what you might accomplish by banding together with people you find intriguing and talented to share your collective sensibilities with a larger audience. Not just the writers, but folks like the ultra-talented Charlene Tiedemann, who designed the logo, and the legal advice from a buddy who I would name, but I haven't cleared it with him first.

*Oh, and we're not a blog. I mean, THIS page is the O.O. blog, but we call the main site a "Web Magazine" and we're sticking to it. Blog being a mostly useless term, right, since all blog format means is publishing in a chronological top-to-bottom order . . .


  1. whatever, dude. i would have shilled for Alex Trebek. i was robbed because of your highfalutin ideals! pschaw.

  2. It wasn't the Trebek thing -- that was sump'thin else. I promise!